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This site started off as a little project attached to a site for a radio show I was doing all the way back in 1996, it then grew into it's own dedicated site and is still going today. It's a museum of found photography, notes, letters and drawings and various other detritus of modern society...

art crimes

Art crimes is an index collecting cases of attacks on art that take place in museums and galleries around the world. For the most part these instances do not amount to what would normally called vandalism as each attack usually involves a reasoning and well planned execution of the attack, not to mention an interesting story surrounding the event.

10:15 saturday night

10:15 saturday night is a collection of photos taken at exactly 10:15 each saturday night in whatever town around the world the site members are located. It's an open project for anyone to get involved with and has a rotating cast of regulars and one off submissions.

dfrost is my personal portfolio site. In many ways it's the sister site to this one (stickygum) in that it's made up of my commercial work whereas this site is pretty much all the stuff that doesn't fit into my commercial work or other projects.