reject 1

subject: RE: looking for work

Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 15:15:34 -0000

Hi Damien, Thanks for following up from -------'s referral. It's not
good to hear of a quality bunch of people like those at -------- being
out of work. You guys had a pretty unique team. But, really, with
skills like you have accumulated there, it shouldn't be too hard to
find you a home in a company that suits you. That's what we're here to
do. I'm going to take another thorough look at your work, then I'll sit
down with the rest of the team here and see what we can come up with
work-wise. And the fact that most of us here at -------- are Kiwis
won't alter our perception either. *grin* I'll probably make contact
with you early next week. Let me know if your situation alters. I'll be
in touch shortly.

Best regards --------