I'm standing in line to buy some water for the day ahead of me and
the old lady bent over the counter next to me is buying a whole heap of
lollies, (presumably for her many great grandchildren judging by her
age). She starts educating the store clerks on the origin of the jellie
babies she has piled infront of her.... "Australia, they come from
Australia!" she starts excitedly. I turn and smile, deciding whether or
not to tell her that though I'm not a jellie baby, I too come from
Australia but she starts on me "Did you know they make jellie babies in
Australia - what will they think of next?" I think perhaps i could tell
her that yes, they make many things in Australia and Jelly Babies are
only the start of a long list of weird and wonderful things we produce
but decide it's best to just smile and walk out as i hear her repeating
again "Yes, yes Australia" in a bemused monologue.