Marcus and i were walking from west Hunter St. to The Lucky Country Hotel in the East. Due to recent incidents of unwanted violence to us and/or friends we tried to work out the best way to walk there, which road, which side etc would be the safest. After crossing to various sides, and even once walking along the medium strip quite contently. We are within 300 meters from our destination when we notice a large group of the sort of guys you really dont want to walk past on a dark street and we so happened to be on a dark street. We decided it would be best to cross the road and really, it was probably obvious that we were crossing the road to avoid them but what did we care. We were!

The guy at the front broke ahead and while in the middle of the road stopped us and said "Gimme a dollar". If i was by myself, now would be the moment when i high-tail it out of there, but considering these guys were dressed in sporting attire (must be good runners then?) , and me having flashbacks of coming last in all my school races and having marcus there too i felt no choice but to see it out. Marcus pulled out the change from his pocket (mostly shrapnel but a handful of it no less- actually i can remember being quite amazed he was carrying so much silver coinage in his pocket) and gave him that, the guy turned to me and said the same and i said i didnt have a dollar. This is then followed by that weird moment between guys where you lock eye contact and both wonder if and who is going to throw the first punch while in the background one of the gand is waiting patiently beating a large stick against the metal fence.

We nodded like two cowboys in the middle of a dirt street and walked away, him with his shrapnel booty and me with my heart in my mouth and a pocketful of coins i had to practically limp with to stop from rattling.