I was on my way to meet Nik at the cafe when i notice, on the road
right infront of me, a five dollar note. Sure, it wasnt much but it had
been a while since i had found any cash (the last time being when i
wrestled a stray $20 note out of an automatic teller which has probably
caused banks across the country to be postering the photos of the event
on their notice boards under the heading of "desperate loser" or
something to that effect) As casual as you have ever seen someone bend
down and pick something up off the road, i casually bent down and
picked it up off the road. I barely stopped, didn't look around to
check if anyone was watching, just picked it right up in one smooth
movement as if it was a letter addressed to me from god. "Hi Damien,
how are you doing? here's a little present to get you off to a nice
start for the day, sincerely-God. PS. if there is anything else i can
do for you, please don't hesitate to ask." is how it read. I sticks it
into my top pocket and imagined Australias' funniest home videos or
another vouyertainment show filming the episode. I wondered what
soundtrack they would play over the scene and settled upon the James
Bond or Peter Gun Theme because i was soo cool assed!
I didn't feel quite so "cool assed" however when the large disgruntled
guy who "claimed" to own it (though who i suspect only saw me pick it
up) followed me into the cafe and demand his money back and wondered in
a not altogether unaccusing manner just where the rest of it had gone.