John Laws came round my house again today. I forgot he had my
address, which i must have given him in a temporary lapse of judgement,
an unguarded moment or on a note of now regrettable frivolity. I hope
he doesn't start making a habit of it again. He said he wanted to get
away from things which i guess is understandable. We swapped stories
about our medication, radio careers (his still going strong, mine
waning) and love of trucking songs. I tried to encourage him to get
back with his producer - Jim Beam and set those golden tonsils to wax
once more but he would have nothing of it. There's not enough money in
rock and roll these days he opined and besides his fans aren't getting
any younger. He kept wanting to talk to me about the ladies. It's
difficult talking to John Laws about women, not only because we have
such different tastes probably on account of him being 50 odd years my
senior but i always get the uncomfortable sensation that he is getting
some kind of creepy satisfaction or gratification from my tales, the
way he's always probing for more information you can almost see him
salivating, his eyes watering up and him leaning further in towards me.
In all the time he was here and although it seemed to be hanging around
the visit unspoken, i never once mentioned the cash for comment affair
which seems heating up again. I think this is why he likes me I'm easy
on him and like him, also enjoy making fun of hippies.