Tonight i was walking home past the corner store and two young guys
asked me if i could buy them cigarettes. I only do this to save them
time. I figure they are going to get the cigarettes anyway, and if i
don't get them, they will have to wait longer to get them and its best
they get on their way and do whatever they have to do. What is funny
though is that they are not legally allowed to buy cigarettes but they
were stoned out of their mind anyways. I asked them what they wanted
and asked them if that's all i would have to say to the man behind the
counter because i just don't know cigarette speak. They assured me it
would be cool, but it wasn't, the man behind the counter started asking
me about milligrams and i just didn't know the answers to those sorts
of complicated cigarettiquette questions so i asked him to give me
whatever he thinks underage kids that he wont sell cigarettes to would
buy. He said, "Oh. They usually get the stronger stuff."