Our house was sprayed for bugs today and i've found myself taking
numerous trips to the kitchen just to watch the cockroaches writhe in
pain in their last throes of life as i stand there throwing insults at
them "See that - not so tough now are you? That one's for all the times
you and your little brown buddies have snuck into our bathroom at night
to lick our toothbrushes - that's for all the time you've nibbled on
our rice packets or bread bags so that every time we pick them up a
trail of foodstuff spills over the floor. That's for all the time that
I've walked into the kitchen, barefoot in the wee hours of morning to
fetch a glass of water only to end up squishing your little friends
between my toes. Take that cockroach scum."
Needless to say, it's been a very therapeutic day...