So i bumped into Cinnamon the other week. He was outside Goldbergs
on a Sunday night. He gave me a big hug and really i was pleased to see
him. He said we hadn't seen each other since i left for London, but in
fact we had, he was just in the middle of a "satanic attack" and i was
in the middle of ordering a Turkish pidda so neither of us really had
time for the other. He said I was a handsome man and gave me a kiss on
the cheek, so i realised that not only was he still as crazy as a bat,
his eyesight had not improved any either. I was actually on my way home
and he was smoking a cigarette outside while the two men he was with
waited patiently inside. I was curious about who they were seeming how
all in all they seemed quite sane and for the most part, sane people
tend to give cinnamon a pretty wide berth. It's rare to see Cinnamon
hanging out with anyone since at best he' s a bag of insecurities and
paranoia. As it turns out they were two men from his local church
apparently "One's an alcholic and the other one, he's a drug addict" he
enthusiastically told me in his booming voice as the ears of everyone
at the outside tables piqued up and the heads of the two men lowered
and turned the other way. "Thanks Cinnamon, i'm sure they really
appreciate you telling me this."