I was walking down the street with Alex, Nik and Ian. We were
passing the Crown and Anchor Hotel, a fairly well known place to avoid,
unless you have a penchant for drunken sailors steel workers and those
bar fights where they break saloon chairs over your back. I don't think
there are really drunken sailors there, maybe it's just the pub's
situation in relation to the harbour or something but it does seem like
the kind of place that a drunken sailor would go, and not leave for a
day or two.
Certainly the mess sitting outside would be a qualified candidate. On
the bench enjoying the winters midday sun was a man, sitting, sleeping,
unlit cigarette in his downward mouth, about to get lost down the front
of his checkered shirt while both hands rested obediently closed on his
lap as if he was posing for a school photo and had the questionable
honour of being one of the kids in the front row. On one hands knuckle
he had love tattooed and on the other, the one still clutching the yet
to be put to good use lighter was written - fairy. Actually, no, it
said hate. Sure we had a chuckle., hell, i even recall us walking past
him a couple of times just to soak up the scene, as if repetition would
etch it on our visual memory.
We are walking off and thinking alloud how good a photo that would make
when i realised what should i have in my bag but a polaroid camera...
Now, it's at this point that i realised that any photographer worth
their salt would have immediately whipped out their camera, stolen a
moment and be on their merry way, instead i had to convince someone
(Ian) to walk back with me and save this moment in time.
So Ian and i walk back to the big lug, still sleeping like a baby and
we pause at the corner to take out the camera when, just as we have it
out of the bag and are about to walk towards him he wakes up and looks
directly at us at which point we turn as if nothing was happening here
sir, certinaly not us taking a photo of you and good day to you and
walk the hell the other way with no photo and only a remotely
interesting story to show.