This afternoon i was riding home from work at the bookstore and i
saw Cinnamon walking along the street wearing a jacket that just the
week previously i had seen in an op shop and thought about buying. I
didn't for 2 reasons, being that i didnt really have the money to go
blowing it on a jacket, no matter how fancy it was and also i just
didn't think i would be able to "carry" it. After seeing it on Cinnamon
however i began to wish that i had. Our conversation went like this:
"Hi cinnamon how are you?"
"I'm good mate, and you?"
"Oh I'm fine, say that's a real nice jacket you got on there"
"Thanks man, you know, I'm very sexually attracted to you"
"Oh.... I wish more girls said that to me."
"Yeh.... But I'm not gay"
"Sure you're not gay"