I visited Canberra yesterday. If ever there was a hole big enough to
put our nation's capital in, they certainly found it in Canberra. I
went there with my mum and my brother on some package deal to see an
art exhibition which was more or less (and mostly more) very
forgettable. We stayed in a hotel (i don't know how many stars but by
the looks of things i'm sure it was in the lower half of the scale). I
think it was my first time in a hotel, but if it wasn't, the first time
couldn't have been too memorable an experience. I couldn't imagine
myself smashing televisions and ripping the place apart, especially
considering i am not even in a band and it really wouldn't be a good
thing to do with my mum there. Although i could easily see how the
monotony and faux neat and tidy homeliness could drive you to do such a
thing. The news report said that it was minus 5 out so i thought it
would be nice to go for a walk in the cold air (we would rarely get
below 0 degrees in Newcastle - if at all) and explore a bit of the
town. Not really knowing where i was going i came across a large block
of offices. There was a window about 3 floors up that was smashed.
Though it was smashed from the inside, as if someone had thrown
something heavy against it. I imagine a disgruntled worker throwing
their desk up and hurling their chair against the window pain then
calmly recomposing themselves, softly saying "it's been a pleasure
working here" to no one inparticular, walking out and becoming a porno
actor (Canberra is Australia's leader in the porn industry - as tabloid
news is always quick to point out-) or likewise a born again Christian.
I'd like to think both.