My fingernails were in a bad state, to be sure. I had better things
to do the past couple of weeks than to keep the sparkly blue glitter
nail polish in a condition worthy of hand shaking Elizabeth Taylor. But
today i was working at the bookstore and i probably could have either
given them a fresh coat or completely removed it rather than leaving
the polish chipped and scarred like that. A matronly woman was
purchasing books for her daughter when i slid the book across to her in
its brown paper bag. She spotted the glitter on my thumb, grabbed my
hand and tapped the guilty thumb while smiling and slightly nodding her
head.. I am still not sure what she meant by the action but she did
seem very pleased with herself. I kind of think that she saw the polish
and suspected it to be the remains of some wild cross dressing activity
that i engage in after hours where me and my "special" friends gather
round and paint each others nails while playing nude twister. or
perhaps she just thought i was an idiot.